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DollarLink provides intraday traders with a highly sophisticated and comprehensive real-time technical analysis toolbox. It offers real-time charts, quote pages and technical analysis studies that are easily customized and simultaneously updated in real time.


DollarLink is an intraday technical analysis and charting program designed by and for traders. DollarLink monitors your portfolio of stocks, options and commodities and performs the most sophisticated technical analysis on up to 1,200 symbols... all in real time. DollarLink is perfect for the demanding trader requiring speed, unlimited flexible quote pages and lots of live charts.

Tick-by-tick charts and studies including tick volumes and floating live bars on up to 1,200 symbols. Line chart (tick-by-tick) or bar chart modes can be switched at any time.

62 graphics screen pages with 8 windows each. Up to 496 simultaneous live charts. Each page can have its own layout and colors.

Intraday (tick-by-tick or user-set bar length of 1 to 480 minutes) or historic (5-, 15- 30-minute, hourly, daily or weekly) charts. Daily charts can go back up to 10 years.

Fast, real-time, continuously displayed quotes on up to 1,200 different symbols.

Unlimited, customizable quote pages: choose from 20 different fields, including open, high, low, last, previous, bid & ask, bid & ask size, total volume, tick (trade) volume and open interest.

Time & Sales Reports showing every trade. Features on-screen refresh.

Extensive error checking of incoming quotes.

80+ built-in studies; more studies and features added almost monthly.

Studies include Moving Averages (of lasts, highs, lows, volume), MACD, Stochastics, Japanese Candlesticks, Point and Figure, Elder Rays, Random Walk Index, Keltner Channels, Bollinger Bands, Wilder's (RSI, ADX, +-DX, SAR) DMI, Williams' %R, CCI, ROC.

Customizable Fibonacci retracement/projection levels, Gann lines and squares, Andrews Pitchfork, Cycle Finder.

Bands, channels, trendlines, resistance and support lines, parallel lines, filters, circles. User-drawn lines can be moved.

Studies update automatically. Alarms on studies. Up to 26 live trend lines per chart.

Built-in daily or weekly charting - no separate programs required.

User-controlled chart scaling.

Real-time portfolio management. Profit/loss reports updated in real time. Up to 1,200 portfolios of any size.

1,200 user-defined formulas and studies, (e.g. spreads, ratios, baskets, McClellan breakouts, oscillators).

Selective ticker tapes; comprehensive, real-time theoretical options analysis; up to 20,000 background options.

Alerts on News/Price/Volume, including bid and ask - up to six alarm levels.

Dual monitors feature - one for full-text quotes; one for color graphs. Both updating live.

Super VGA graphics supported - up to 1024 by 768 resolution.

Complete support of all SignalReports, news headlines, as well as, international exchanges.

News/text services accessible within DollarLink while collecting live quotes.

Free monthly newsletter describing new features and hardware/trading hints.

Free upgrades for all active customers.

Hardware Required

IBM PC 386 or higher or clone. 640 KB RAM, hard disk, VGA or Super VGA. HP LaserJet 2 (or higher) or Epson FX-80 or compatible printer. Optional mouse/extra memory/math co-processor. We recommend a Pentium with at least 4 MB RAM.

Software/Operating System Required

MS-DOS 5.0 or higher. (One of the reasons DollarLink achieves its high level of performance is by not using a graphical operating environment such as MS-Windows. DollarLink has its own very efficient windowing interface.)

DollarLink runs fine in a DOS shell under Windows 95/98/3.1.

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Download the DollarLink demo (330K)

For more information on DollarLink send an email or call 800-845-8445 or 415-641-0721 or fax to 415-282-8486.

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