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Select Timing Service

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Select Timing Service (STS) is a short-term mutual fund switching and sector rotation system with excellent results. In 15 years of real-time trading, it has generated nearly 500% total return. For comparison, the S&P 500 has returned about 130% total in the same time period. Our returns were achieved with a volatility lower than the S&P 500.

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STS analyzes mutual fund price patterns to identify short-term trends. It uses Gil Blake's ideas as well as proprietary methods that utilize elements of statistics. Blake is a highly successful mutual funds switcher. He was interviewed in the bestselling book The New Market Wizards by Jack Schwager. In Association with Also check our list of recommended books.

Although price behavior is mostly random in the short-term (one month), our algorithms uncovered several mutual funds with a 70% to 80% probability of trend persistency. The STS system concentrates on Fidelity Select sector funds because they exhibit the most predictable short-term trendiness.

Following the STS system, you would hold a Select fund about 31 days on average and then switch to another STS-chosen fund. By holding a fund at least 30 days there are no early-redemption penalties. As a safeguard, since the system has a 20% downside probability, we also have a volatility-dependent stop loss.

Since STS is a short-term system, it is ideal for tax-free or tax-deferred retirement accounts.

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Risk Factors: Investing in mutual funds is speculative and involves a high degree of risk. Recommendations made in the future may or may not equal or better the performance of STS as simulated by historical back-testing. Even in a generally rising market, STS may not outperform the market or may not result in any profits at all to investors following its recommendations. Past actual or simulated performance is no guarantee of future results.

Disclaimer: DollarLink Software is not associated in any way with Gil Blake or with Fidelity Investments.


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